Chi Kri Yoga – Online Class

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Chi Kri Yoga – Online Class


Yoga I am provides online Chi Kri classes for beginners and intermediate students. Learn more about our Chi Kri classes today for a range of benefits.

Yoga I Am organises themed yoga training. This particular yoga teacher training focuses on Chi Kri Yoga and Chakra energy. You will develop an eye for alignment and master how to make verbal cues and safe and smart hands-on adjustments. This is a transformational practice of mind-body-spirit and you will be changed.

What Is Chi Kri Yoga?

Chi Kri is a disciplined, strong and powerful yoga style. It is unique, incorporating the Raja Yoga system, in addition to elements such as creativity and expression. Chi Kri Yoga is a way to develop yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally through the practice of its techniques and guidelines.

The word Kri simply means “to do” i.e. in fact, Kri is not really a word; it is a Sanskrit root verb. Thus it is the base to other words in Sanskrit like, “Kriya” – meaning action, and “Karma” – which is the principle of cause and effect in a human’s life i.e. that which you put out, will be returned unto you.

In the context of Chi Kri, Kri means acting – with the highest energy, which is chi. Thus, the meaning of Chi Kri is complete.

What does a chi Kri class entail?

In the context of Chi Kri and the things we deal with here, chi is used for the development of the body, the concentration in meditation and breathing, the attunement of thoughts in mind yoga. It is also used in creative expression, in understanding spiritual science as the generator behind the minds’ power of reason.

That said, this Chi Kri class will provide students with the tools necessary to begin practising Chi Kri at optimal levels. We take our students on a journey of education, not only mimicking actions but understanding Chi Kri and it's purpose. Utilising Chi Kri opens you to a range of lifelong benefits and great habits.

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Great class! My breathing has improved drastically in AND outside classes!