As Yoga I AM school had many students who were struggling to find this block of time for the 200 hours teachers training in Kriya yoga & chakra energy, we decided to film this program in ibiza and have created a virtual online kriya yoga & chakra energy teachers training.
We hope you enjoy the beautiful spaces in and around ibiza together with this authentic kriya yoga practice, which you can now do from the comfort of your own home.

We welcome you to sign up for this online kriya yoga & chakra energy teachers training program by completing the form below and to receive a free video training.



“Thank you for this lovely, intensive opening, mindful and intensity, yoga and meditation experience. The yoga practice on the roof. the mindful walks on the beach and the Ibiza energy have affected us and we’ll carry those sensations home. Thank you also for your delicious cooking! with peace, light, and love .”

“What an experience! in a good way of course…Realignment of control mind balance, and a great lesson on the last day. Thank you Shakti, incredible learnings”

“Thank you for the refreshing experience, the yoga classes, and the great food! I am also happy to have met your lovely daughter on her 21st birthday celebrating in Ibiza”

“It was a transformational week. unexpected but true. Relaxing yet life-changing. To all visitors, take full advantages of the energy and positive power flowing in this beautiful life-transforming place”