Kriya Yoga Tips For Beginners

Are you a beginner looking to get started with kriya yoga meditation? Kriya yoga is a basic technique that you can apply throughout your life. It is a secret technology, the science which consists of the advanced method of meditation. Through the continuous practice of kriya yoga, one can honestly know and merge to the supreme soul, super consciousness.

There are so many types of yoga taught by the first Adi yogi about 15000 years ago to his disciples Saptarishis. Following in these footsteps, Patanjali yoga sutra, as well as the isha foundation, has brought the right kind of technique to the public.

As specialists in kriya yoga, we offer online yoga teacher training courses designed for all skill levels. If you’d like to learn more about starting out with kriya yoga for beginners, check out our top tips below.

Correct Alignment

People often comment during meditations that their back hurts – Much of this is due to incorrect body alignment while sitting. We never really learn to sit on the ground properly in modern western life; we’re more used to slouching on a comfy chair or sofa. 

You need to support the natural curve in your spine to maintain a strong core structure.  Often, something as simple as sitting on a pillow even 1 1/2 inches high to raise your tailbone off the floor can provide the necessary curve in the spine to give you a strong structure. 

It’s also important to note that the stronger your core muscles, the muscles of your navel center, the less your body muscles have to work to keep you erect when sitting. Doing the stretch pose for a few minutes every day will help you develop your core muscles. Once your body is in a natural position, it will be easier to maintain it during meditation without moving.

Support Your Limbs

Don’t leave your limbs hanging during kriya yoga meditation. If you sit in easy pose with your legs crossed and your knees are up in the air, then your hips are tight. Naturally you might be tempted to hunch your back to help your hips hold up your knees – Make sure you support yourself!  

Put pillows or blocks under your knees to prevent them from dangling and take the strain off your hips and back. If you have severe back problems, try using a backjack, or sitting in a chair. If you do sit in a chair, make sure both of your feet are flat on the floor (and take your shoes and socks off, to maximize the energy flow between you and the earth.) Using a meditation cushion may shift your pelvis into a comfortable position as well.

Warm Up The Body

This helps to prepare the body for kriya yoga meditation. Ancient yogis developed kriya and asana not only as a way to keep the body healthy and increase longevity, but also to increase circulation and prana, so that they could sit in meditation for longer periods of time. 

Have you ever seen a hyperactive child after they’ve run around all day? They end up passing out! That’s partly what happens to your mind after a particularly strenuous kriya. Your mind settles down and it’s easier to go into deep meditation. 

Cover Your Spine & Head

It’s important to keep the spine warm during kriya yoga meditation to help the energy rise, and contain the energy built up during the meditation in the body. Covering the head focuses the energy in your body up to the crown chakra and makes it much easier to meditate without mental distraction from outside sources. Our heads are very energetically sensitive.  

Try different types of head coverings out until you find one that works best for you.  Turbans are most highly recommended, but bandanas, headscarves, or head wraps can also work.  Try meditating with a shawl and headcover and see if you go deeper.

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