Conscious dating and Friends app

The Force of Love Academy Award dating friends app
Welcome to the No 1 conscious dating & friends App

Your swipe is an award to someone who is worthy of this having done their spiritual journey towards a conscious lifestyle by way of plant based eating habits, yoga, meditation, mindfulness awakening, personal growth as well as all of the rest. Our profiles vídeo case a 1m of the person profile together with the responses to these life questions on awakening conscious.

Be patient with us whilst we make this work to it’s fullest and as we gather funds to support the next updated version.

Our profiles are treated with respect trusted and confidential. So be assured we will never share any data.
We are committed to you having a conscious lifestyle through the Force of Love Academy which is a part of the yoga I am wearing peace.

As the world is a stage and we are all actors playing out roles and then taking our exits we have made this app as an award to the play of life in ones matching and such that people can have a shared journey to awakening as a couple / friends

With much Love & Grace we offer this app to you