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It is a program for the courageous who wish to live authentically from an awakened conscious response to their relationship patterns.


We offer meditation retreats in silence online, free 5 days 1hr meditations, Kriya meditation initiation if there is a fit.

Online Yoga

Find out about our Kriya yoga & chakra energy accredited training with yoga alliance and as a self practice for you in your own homes as an online program.

Conscious Clothing

Our organic cotton sources as Gots registered suppliers and with herbal dye is breathable and frees the body as soft as a baby’s skin against your body.

Our Story, Yoga I am


Yoga I AM offers yoga and chakra energy yoga teacher training 200 hrs yoga alliance accredited programs online at International locations. We also offer online free monthly, 5 days at 1 hour a day at end of the month meditations.

Who we are

Shakti Prem Anand formed the Yoga I Am school in 2014 after her long spiritual journey as a wandering Yogi in the Himalayas of india, Nepal, Tibet over 7 years. Shakti’s yoga training started from when she was born in Punjab, India though she grew up in London, UK. She commenced Yoga training within the Ashram in Kerala of Sivananda 21 years ago, but only out of passion and moved away from her corporate consultancy career 14 years ago. Shakti also studied Ashtanga yoga with David swenson uk and Power yoga with vijay Amar in Goa India.

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The Kriya Yoga & Chakra energy Yoga school for online yoga & online meditation training & online relationships was formed in 2019. Her meditation lineage has evolved over 21 years to no particular tradition, although leaning as a science form with sound and light known as kriya meditation. She is humbled to teach Kriya yoga in the lineage tradition of Sri babaji having been sanctioned on this through many unknown & known teachers of the Kriya yoga lineage. The purpose of the Yoga I Am school was not to have yet another yoga poses training but to have a holistic conscious way of life to directly change inside out our human energy, thus core beliefs and our thinking to ultimately know our soul purpose, this training is for all of ones life and is a lifestyle, to love as an awakened way of being. Needless to say it’s for the courageous who wish to be fully present and willing to be authentic and true to themselves. We look forward to welcoming you to the family of yoga I am.

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    Online Yoga Training

    Online Yoga Teachers and Self-Practicing

    Become A Kriya Yoga & Chakra Energy Yoga Teacher Or Have Own Self Practice

    Online Yoga Teacher Training Yoga alliance accredited

    Yoga I Am organizes themed yoga training. This particular yoga teacher training focuses on Kriya yoga and Chakra energy. You will develop an eye for alignment and master how to make verbal cues and safe and smart hands-on adjustments. This is a transformational practice of mind body spirit and you will be changed.

    stuck in your relationship

    Conscious Relationships

    Do you ever feel stuck in your relationship ? There is a conflict in ending relationships and walls and blocks of avoidance ? Always finding yourself transacting and fragmented in a relationship and being inauthentic ? You could imagine a peaceful ending and a harmonising way of ongoing communication without conflict where you feel whole.

    Take a moment to imagine from a container of non ego non selfish engagement, of authentic growth that’s for a peaceful respectful resolution for the inner and outer growth to achieve Fulfillment, such that generations are not affected with this fear and a more compassionate way of existing with one another is the norm than the exception this is what you would get with yoga I am conscious relationships and difficult conversations.

    We offer this as a retreat in Ibiza 5 days as 1:1 and also as a train the trainer program. Such that by the end of this you will have improved your mental physical and spiritual well-being after 7 online sessions or after a 5 days retreat or if you wish to help others as part of the train the trainer program.

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    What is YOGA I AM?

    At Yoga I Am we take a personalised approach to help you with all your LIFE, as yoga is meant for the whole of life, we cover mind, body and spirit on the mat. We encourage those who are ready to commit to self practice or teachers training or online self practice.To deepen this way of healing both inside your mind, emotions and physical body as ONE healing yoga at YOGA I AM.

    Before starting your yoga i am, we schedule A CALL to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to develop the most beneficial PROGRAM to match your specific goals. We combine whole of Yoga exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices so you can improve all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.We have 3 houses in our constitution, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, leading to who we are and these then become our character, our devotion/desires and our knowledge.

    We also offer a detox based on nutrition and diet and consider this a key component of healing yoga. Yoga I AM we bring all 3 aspects as healing yoga, and through the yoga practice we positively and energetically develop the thoughts, emotions through the body’s actions in Yoga. We also bespoke this yoga practice to suit the individual’s constitution.

    Become a graduate of the yoga I am school in Kriya yoga & chakra energy.

    We only deliver a whole yoga practice.

    100% Conscious and Organic Clothing UK

    Help to build a sustainable conscious yoga lounge wear and be the change for climate change.The sustainable way to 100% organic cotton yoga clothing, helping climate change and wearing peace. It feels so good on your skin that you can truly breathe..

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    Training and Certification

    Wearing Peace

    100% Organic CottonOrganic Yoga PantsOrganic Yoga T-Shirts

    We wanted our students of yoga to be wearing organic clothing and not just asking for organic foods, also as the kriya yoga & chakra energy is all about conscious awareness.

    Steps To Make Sustainable Fashion From Organic Cotton

    The Organic Cotton Process





    Sustainable fashion 100% organic cotton yoga wear

    Supplier must be certified

    The supplier must be certified and has regular audits to ensure compliance to global organic textile standards;

    prohibitions on chemicals, metals, synthetic pesticides, bleaches on dyes, PVC they must pass their audits or have their GOTS stamp confiscated. They must show environment compliance on water use, packaging. Also to show good environment conditions to the working policies.

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    Conscious relationships

    Organic Cotton Yoga Wear

    Online Yoga Training


    “Thank you for this lovely, intensive opening, mindful and intensity, yoga and meditation experience. The yoga practice on the roof. the mindful walks on the beach and the Ibiza energy have affected us and we’ll carry those sensations home. Thank you also for your delicious cooking! with peace, light, and love .”

    “What an experience! in a good way of course…Realignment of control mind balance, and a great lesson on the last day. Thank you Shakti, incredible learnings”

    “Thank you for the refreshing experience, the yoga classes, and the great food! I am also happy to have met your lovely daughter on her 21st birthday celebrating in Ibiza”

    “It was a transformational week. unexpected but true. Relaxing yet life-changing. To all visitors, take full advantages of the energy and positive power flowing in this beautiful life-transforming place”

    I ve been to many counsellors and healers and life coach etc.,but Shira so far is the best. I would definitely would recommend her. The investment you make is something you will not regret. It will stay with you for life. She 's helped me bring my voice,my power back and helped me in a life long problem and given me some strong and positive hope. Its not easy but 100% worth it. I m going to continue my journey with these lifetime tools to get to the destiny i want now. 🙂
    The sessions I have had with Shira has given me so much confidence and support to review and tackle those difficult conversations with deep inner thought and logic. I would recommend 110% NHS executive